Cold Brewed Coffee

1 Sep

I need to talk to you about things.  Things like college and caffeine and getting used to running into your boss all around campus.

These things are important.  Especially the caffeine part.  Especially on opening weekend.  Especially when you’re going to training meeting after training meeting and organizing all the freshmen into binders.

Before this summer, I never understood why I was able to drink a huge frappuccino but couldn’t ever seem to finish my baby-sized lattes.

Well, now I have answers.

When you brew coffee using hot water, it contains something like 60 to 70% more acid than when you brew coffee using cold water.  This is because the hot water releases all of the acids and oils from the coffee bean during the brewing process.

As you can imagine, acid is rough on your tummy, which is why it’s so much harder to finish an entire cup of hot coffee than it is in the summer when you’re buying iced coffees all the time.

Cold brewed coffee substitutes time for heat.  It contains a lot less acid, BUT it also has a lot more caffeine than hot drip coffee.  Low acid plus more caffeine means it’s a lot easier to suck a bunch of this stuff down and then get stuck with a major caffeine high . . . and low.

So be careful about that.  The best way to combat the high amount of caffeine in this cold coffee is to do 1 part coffee to 1 part water or milk.  If you take your coffee hot, you can do 1 part coffee to 1 part hot water or warm milk.

The funny thing about making this coffee is how simple – almost primitive – the system is.

But just like slinkies or play-do or balloons, you will come to love the simplicity.


  • 1 c. of your favorite ground coffee
  • 4 c. water
Place the coffee and water in a jar or pitcher and mix or shake until combined.  Stick the jar in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours.  After it’s been sitting in your fridge for the desired amount of time, take it out and pour through a coffee filter or a very fine mesh sieve.  I’ve found that two filters in a drip cone works perfectly.  Store in your fridge for up to 2 weeks.

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