Lame Blog Post

10 Nov

Let me apologize in advance for no recipe.  I have to say that I hate it when a baking/food blog that I follow posts something without a recipe.  I guess I’m just a hypocrite.  Oh, well.  I haven’t had time to bake this week, but I have had some wonderful epiphanies.


Epiphany #1:

Marzipan is vegan!  Ok, fine.  I knew this before, but I’ve been trying to come up with a recipe for the unofficial cupcake hero this month, floating the idea of almond something, and I remembered that marzipan is vegan!  The homemade recipes usually have egg whites in them, but the store-bought from Freddy’s doesn’t!  Yay!


Epiphany #2:

Skittles are now vegan.

Whoa.  I had shied away from them ever since I became vegan because they had gelatin in them, but the other day I was in the university market with my friends after dinner, and picked up a bag for some reason.  Don’t ask me why.  Sometimes I like to lust after the things I can’t have…

Anyway, on a whim I flipped the bag over and scanned the ingredients.  I’m a vegan.  That’s the first thing I do when I see a food label is decipher whether or not I can eat it (again, don’t ask why I was reading a label for a food I already knew wasn’t vegan).  And guess what?  NO GELATIN!  Mind. Blown.


Epiphany #3:

Mocha cupcakes don’t work.  I tried some this week because I got rope into making cupcakes for a group presentation.  I added about 3 packets of instant coffee, and… nothing.  You couldn’t taste the coffee!  They were amazing cupcakes and tasted delicious, but you couldn’t taste the coffee.  That’s when I remembered what Ina said on her show one time.  “It’s not that you taste the coffee, it’s just that the chocolate tastes so much better.”  Or something like that.  That’s when it hit me that all the coffee I dumped into those cupcakes was just a flavor enhancer.  So there you go.  I will never try to make another “mocha” cupcake ever again.



2 Responses to “Lame Blog Post”

  1. Carina November 11, 2010 at 12:25 pm #

    yay for skitles!
    and cupcakes!
    but how about adding a bit of chocolate to a very coffee-y cupcake?
    p.s. how can you still be vegan on campus?

    • bakerbarth November 11, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

      they have vegan options, and i usually just do salads with salad dressing i have in my room for lunch, cereal for breakfast, etc.

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